Bandmaster Labelling Systems


A range of low and medium capacity labelling systems for ‘Pressure Sensitive’ labels:


Designed for use with cylindrical containers, bottles or cans.

Based on modular design label stations with stepper motor drives and independent controllers.

Each station features:

  •  Simple label web routing for ease of label change-over.
  • Precision web drive pinch roller assembly.
  • Quick release rewind clamp unit.
  • Fully adjustable 6 axis mounting assembly with hand wheel adjustment.

The label stations are mounted on a fabricated stainless steel base assembly which include:

  • Conveyor section and bottle guides.
  • Bottle pitching with rubberised feed roller.
  • Label pressing on belt with adjustable bottle pad.
  • Mounting for an ink jet coder to print on the label web.
  • Control panel and operator HMI touch screen.

The system can be configure for body label, back label, neck label and neck-around label.

The label stations are available for 2 speed ranges up to 1500 bphr or  up to 3000 bphr.

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