Barcode Labeller


Year Of manufacture: 2010

The print & apply unit is a standard unit.

The Mectec S80 print & apply system is designed to be used with most OEM print engines available on the market.

A complete system consists of OEM Print engine & applicator mounted together with a S80 Frame.

The complete system is designed and optimised for automatic In-Line Print & Apply of labels.

Label Dimensions (LxHxW) 830 x 580 x 490mm (applicator dependent)

Weight (Complete Machine) 36kg

Labels: Label reel Holder – diameter 305mm

Label roll Holder Core: 76mm

Power: Input Voltage, AC 100-240 V

Max Power Consumption – Applicator: 100 W

Air Supply Pressure: Min 6 Bar

Flow: Min 200 1 / min

Cleaness / Max Size of Air Particals in air: 40 Microns

Temperature Operating: +5 to +40 degrees

Interface: Serial RS232

Inputs: PNP (fixed)

PNP/NPN Switchable (Scanner Good read): 1

Nominal Voltage: 24 VDC

Opetrating range: 9-36 VDC

Nominal Input Current: 2mA

Variations depending of the input voltage: 1-3mA

Inputs are reffering to ACC controller 0V DC

Outputs: NPN (fixed) 21

Relay (max load 250 VAC, 2 A): 10

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