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“NEW Keg Carbonation & Filling System Manufactured by TT Optimal” A small automatic kegging system, built using the latest technology in carbonation and filling.

  • Filter beer to remove yeast.
  • Carbonate with CO2 from cylinders to max 3.0 volumes or 6gms/litre
  • To fill beer into kegs.
  • To recover 75% of the CO2 and recycle to pressurise the next keg.
  • Max filling rate 1000 ltrs per hour.
  • Max filling temp 12C

It features:

  • Siemens PLC and control system with HMI.
  • All stainless steel construction.
  • Product de-gas station to remove any air in pipe work.
  • Duplex hygienic 30” cartridge filters.
  • Filter by-pass when not required.
  • Built in back wash routing.
  • Hygienic CO2 sterile filter for recycled CO2.
  • Fully automatic mass flow carbonation system using thermal mass measurement of CO2 additions (extremely accurate with control to +-0.1 gram litre)
  • High pressure holding tube for CO2 mixing and dissolving.
  • Keg filling by weight using 2 x weigh stations.
  • Fully automatic CIP cycle, with self contained chemical buffer.

Sophisticated control system with checks for:

  • Low CO2 supply alarm.
  • Out of spec carbonation flow.
  • Out of spec carbonation holding tube pressure.
  • Low keg weight.
  • Residual liquid in keg to be filled.
  • Keg not pre-gassed correctly.
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