Filter Skid

Capacity up to 8 meters of label per minute or approx 25 bpm 500ml full wrap around.

Linear pressure sensitive labeller for round bottles, can handle tapered bottles as well.

Complete with bottle ‘spinner’ application.

4 Axis label station adjustment:

Height: up/down

Width/diameter: in/out

Horizontal tilt: twist

Vertical tilt. Twist

Fully automatic with touch screen for label data entry.


Duplex sterile filter skid

Stainless steel sterile filter skid with twin filter sets. 1000 litres per hour at 0.45 microns.

Installed with pressure sensors to detect pressure drop across filters allowing for early warning on filter clogging.

Pressure sensors can also be used to do bubble point test for filter integrity testing.

Fitted with by-pass to allow regeneration of membranes during CIP.

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