Manufacture: SASIB – SIMONAZZI

Machine Number: IBT030

Year Of Manufacture: 2000

Up graded in: 2007

capable of 3 Layers per minute.

Serial Number: 324882

Suitable For: Glass & PET Bottles

Capable Of:

• De-palletising empty bottles

• Automatic Layer Card Removal

• Removal & Stacking

• Automatic Top Frame Stacking

Complete With: • Pallet Stacker

• Safety Guarding

Available with the Simonazzi Depalletiser:- Krones 4 Years Old Pressure Less Combiner

Year Of Manufacture: 2007

The system includes the following main items:

• Pallet storage unit

• Pallet de-strapping station

• 4 sections pallet accumulation Conveyor

• Top Frame Hopper Remover

• Interlayer Remover

• Inter Layer Hopper

• Low Level Sweep Off Depalletiser

• Complete With captive layer system.

• Bottle Accumulation Table

• Operator Control Station

• Main panel suite remote from machine.

• Anti – Static System

• Empty pallet storage system

The system is capable of handling one or several pallets at the same time and has a high output potential, together with:

• Good Corrosion resistance

• Low Maintenance

• High Reliability

• Easy changeover making the machine safe, versatile and reliable for all applications

All movements are electro – Mechanically driven with Electronic PLC Control.


“Machine complete with all the necessary cables to re-install.”

The Operator / Machine Interface is a push button panel which, as well as providing full indications in time, enables manual control of the machine.

Download: Simonazzi-Depalletiser-Technical-Data-Sheet

Download: Krones-de-pal-conveyor-Drawing

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