Craftmaster filling machine


Carbonated beverage filling system for brewers and cider makers

Designed to be able to cool fill, with product temperatures in the range 5-10C and carbonation of 5gms/l.

A sophisticated control system allows the machine to be adjusted through the touch screen while running.

Product specific filling recipes can be stored and recalled as required.

The filling system is similar to that found on large modern rotary fillers, but has been adapted for low capacity while retaining most of the benefits of current technologies available today.

  • 8 Head linear mechanical filler.
  • Short tube pre-evacuation filler for low DO pick-up during filling.
  • Single or double pre-evacuation and CO2 flushing options.
  • Programmable filling sequence with electronic setting of all filling functions.
  • Liquid ring vacuum pump.
  • Individual bottle sealing pressure pads.
  • All stainless construction.
  • Open design of easy access and cleaning.
  • Fully hygienic product/CO2/vacuum routing with automatic CIP fluid routing.
  • Feed screw bottle handling with hand wheel adjustment for bottle diameter sizes.
  • Height adjustment lifting lowering mechanism.
  • Fully guarded to meet UK standards.
  • Capacity 1000-1500 Bphr dependant on bottle size.
  • Bottle size range 250ml-750ml.
  • PLC control system with HMI and operator adjustable filling parameters.

Normally the machine is supplied with our Craftmaster rinser and crowner and shares a common control system. But can be supplied separately if required.

The machine is designed by TTO, the mechanical base is manufactured in Poland, the valves, process control system and final assembly are done in the UK.

Micro 8 head filler 2

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