Craftmaster Bottle Rinser


Automatic Linear Bottle rinsing machine, suitable for water or sterilant rinsing:

  • 8 head bottle fully adjustable pick up and inverting station.
  • 8 head adjustable rinsing station with rinse water recovery into buffer tank.
  • Fully adjustable for bottle height and diameter, with no change parts required.
  • 35 Litre stainless steel buffer tank.
  • Centrifugal rinse water pump with low pressure switch and alarm.
  • Infeed bottle batching system with fallen bottle detection.
  • Programmable rinse time, drain angle and drain duration.
  • All stainless steel construction.
  • Fully guarded to UK safety standards.

Bottle size range 250ml – 750ml.

Capacity 1400 bottles per hour max.

Typical rinsing cycle:

  • 2 seconds rinse.
  • Tilt to drain position.
  • 4 seconds draining.
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