Complete Beer Micro Capacity Filling Line


Complete beer micro capacity filling line:

Suitable for filling carbonated or bottle conditioned beer

Manufactured in:  2016
Very little use, was used as a mobile filling system in the back of a van.


TENCO semi-automatic pressure sensitive bottle labeller:
* For body label only.
* With hot foil date stamp unit.

IC Filling systems carbonator:
*Model 300L
*All stainless cabonator and buffer vessel.
*Complete with control system for CO2
*Product flow meter and delivery pump.

IC Filling systems Bottle filler:
*6 head bottle rinsing station.
*6 head short tube pre-evacuation beer filler
*2 head crown corking system with automatic crown sorter.
*Suitable for glass bottles typically 275-1000ml capacity.

Complete with:

*Selection of hoses and couplers, stainless detergent vessel for CIP and
CIP cups.
*Pnematic product pump.

Note: Filter set with 3 x 30″ Pall hygienic housings with gauges and fittings.
Set for 5mu, 0.8mu and 0.45mu.

Manuals, documentation are all included

The Capacity is approx 400 bottles per hour x 33cl.

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